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Celiac, Gluten and Wheat free products: Celiac Supplies is Brisbane’s only gluten free and wheat free store, with over 2000 gluten free items under one roof. The store offers a range of services, which include dietary assistance for gluten reactive people, people with other autoimmune illnesses, such as IBS and other related ailments.

At Celiac Supplies we have on our shelves everything you need to make life easier, e.g.: Pre-mixed flour; Flours; Pasta; Confectionary; Cooking Aids; Sauces and Marinades with 10 brands available e.g. tomato, worstershire, BBQ, salsa, Asian and gourmet Australian sauces; Jams and Spreads; Biscuits and Crackers; Drinks and Juices; and packet soups.

Health Products: Celiac Supplies is the first shop to gain permission to sell Kakadu Juice, and is the exclusive outlet for Mandura Juice. Celiac Supplies has the most advanced supplements including: Mega H, Crystal Energy, and Kakadu Juice to name a few. Tuition for best usage of these supplements is conducted in-store.

Celiac Supplies is the only shop in Australia to sell Flantechnology Health Products, and are one of the few outlets in Queensland for Natbio, and Neferm products. Other health products on special order include- SAFE and Amway.

Seasonal products such as Christmas Cakes, Plum Puddings and Hot cross Buns come in a variety of products to suit various budgets.

Shop Hours: Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 3.00 pm, Saturdays 9.30 am to 12.00. Closed Sundays, and Public Holidays, and after hours by appointment only. Located at 38 Macaulay St.Coorparoo, Brisbane (corner of Noela and Macaulay St)

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