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Vintage, quirky and distinctly feminine with an ever present but veiled sensuality... Designer and creative director Effie Evriniadis epitomises her label, Mazi. By paying particular attention to detail, which stems from a love of antique lace, old world muted colour, exotic beading and her much loved black, for more than 23 years Effie has created signature pieces that appear to effortlessly come together to form what is a distinctively feminine and tastefully layered "Mazi look"

Completing her education at the Melbourne College of Textiles, Australia in 1986, in 1993 we saw the first Mazi store at 148 Bridge Road, Richmond open, followed shortly by what would become both Mazi "head quarters" and Effie's second store: 203 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Effie was and still is driven by her love of fashion and a desire to address what was/is missing in her own wardrobe.

Effie designs unique pieces in a limited quantity; feeling by being mindful of quantities Mazi can ensure a high level of individuality, while her design principle involves around building on a black sensual fabric then adding an eye-catching feature piece to complete the outfit. "The dress must of course fit perfectly...but the fabric must also feel wonderful to the touch" says Effie

With the objective being to co-ordinate a myriad of different outfits from a few key pieces, the Mazi look is intentionally versatile. "I believe that today's fashion savvy woman looks beyond fads and trends for more timeless pieces, pieces that are both beautiful but also affordable and this is what I feel Mazi encapsulates" say's Effie

Translated from Greek, Mazi affectionately means "together" and this ethos permeates every aspect of the Mazi business. Mazi is seen in the very way in which the individual garments seamlessly come together to form the Mazi "layered look." Mazi is also to be seen in the unique relationship that evolves between Mazi and her customer(s).

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