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At the Travel Authority Northern Beaches we pride ourselves in providing superior travel and booking advise to our travellers. We help you compare the apples with apples, we separate the myths from the facts, we make sure your arrangements are booked and secured with reputable suppliers and we are there to assist you, when things do not go according to plan or if you simply need to change your plans before you go or whilst you are away.

Our branch was opened on the 2nd of November 2009 under the owner/management of Uschi Howard with the assistance of Sue Barton. We excel in corporate travel, Travel with Kidz, Cruising, package holidays and adventure or retreat packages. We pride ourselves in sourcing the best combination of products for your particular budget, timetable and perimeter.

Our speciality is service.

Our qualifications come from nearly 30 years of experience... each. We have accumulated our knowledge not just by sitting behind a desk. We have travelled extensively to all parts of the world, we have listened to our travellers , we have assessed and chosen our suppliers and business associates wisely and have established working relationships that have passed the test of time. Reliability, Integrity and Experience are the common denominator with all of them.

Our recommendation are our clients (some of whom have booked with us for 20 years !) and our peers who have recognised our exceptional proficiency with the highest industry awards (NTIA 2007 Winner best corporate Travel Consultant, NTIA 2009 Winner best corporate travel agent multi location, TWK conference 2010 Finalist TWK office of the year after only 6 months, and more).

When you travel, you usually do so with a purpose. Your mind and energy should be on the things that matter: your business, your family & your friends and not on how to solve the next riddle at some hotel reception or airline Check in counter. Be ready for that meeting, have fun and relax on your holiday or simply get there on time for that special event.

And above all , remember: without a good travel agent you are on your own!

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